Enso Healing Therapy

Lillys Internal Light

Individual, Teen, Couples, and Family Psycho-Therapy 
Licensed, Clinical, and Professional.
Private Practice
BHA (Lilly Internal Light)
Clinical Therapeutic Residency
Non-independently licensed clinicians

Our Mission
To provide guidance on this adventure we call life! By helping others heal, raise consciousness, empower, and overcome challenges. Live your best life by discovering within and creating happiness...Your birth right to good health.

"To Repair With Gold" 


About Us: 
 Enso Healing Therapy strives to bring the best care for our clients. We believe in a holistic and integrative approach of mind, body, HEART, spirit. This health resort's purpose is to give clients access to a variety of services (mental and physical) that work together to promote health and well being.
Enso Healing Therapy also believes in the well being of our providers whether you work with us or not. We do this by offering consultation services and in house by providing a home-work life balance, support, respect, and collaboration.

Lillys Internal Light is a Behavioral Health Agency (BHA 432: CCSS) and a professional clinical developmental agency supporting the clinicians of the future!  

We offer support and services to both providers and clients

Enso Healing Therapy

Private Practice

Enso healing therapy offers a variety of self pay services including:

CEU Trainings
Fitness Classes
Affirmation Readings
Dream Interpretation

Story behind the Name: 

The owner of Enso is of Hispanic, Native, and Asian decent. She chose the Enso, the Phoenix wings, and the astrological sign for Scorpio to represent how we all rise from the ashes, overcome our challenges, and can be renewed. 

Enso in Japanese means "circle" and is associated with Zen. This calligraphy symbolizes: strength, elegance, the universe, "expression of the moment" and is imperfection which is an inherent aspect of existence. 

Lillys Internal Light

Behavioral Health Agency: CCSS

Clinical Therapeutic Residency

Insurance benefits accepted!

Services include:

Psychotherapy &
Community Support Services

Story behind the name: 

Lillys Internal Light is named after the co-owners' late grandmother: Lillian Hernandez. 
Her values were focused on caring for people, helping others by discovering the root of their experience, supporting and empowering others. 

Her life greatly inspired this practice to apply these values to both clients and clinicians! 
We hope to share and shine Lilly's Internal Light to all. 


Individual, couple, teen and family therapy

Mental Health Therapists work collaboratively with their clients in a nonjudgmental and safe space with evidence based approaches. Let's discover your mind, body, heart, and spiritual well-being by reducing anxiety, healing from trauma, understanding relationships, and learning more about self. 

We support our clients in the following areas: 
- Anxiety 
- Depression 
- Spiritual and Life Coaching 
- Individual and Teen Therapy
- Couples and Family Therapy 
- Life skills and career 
- Trauma 
- Managing stress 
- Life transitions 

Quick Info


Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, teens, and families (14+) 
Sessions are 50-55 mins in duration -
weekly or bi-weekly


Self Pay; Credit Card or Cash Only 

To utilize insurance benefits please visit www.lillysinternallight.com


Cognitive Behavioral 
Attachment Theory 
Music interventions 
Family Systems
Solution Focused
Nurtured Heart
Gottman Method

“To Repair with Gold..”

In Japan broke objects are often repaired with gold. The flaw is seen as a unique piece of the objects history which adds to its beauty.