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Francine Hernandez, LCSW
Founder of Enso Healing Therapy & LillysInternal Light

Online therapy for Individual, Teen, Couples, and Family 
-New Mexico, USA

I offer individual, teen, couples, and family therapy in a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental atmosphere. With my clinical skills I work collaboratively with my clients to overcome challenges they may be facing. I believe we all carry the strength within to navigate this adventure called “life.” Let’s discover the best version of you! Mind, body, and spirit. I utilize music into healing interventions in therapy. My clinical training in, Psychodynamic theory, CBT, and Family Systems, are just a few of the approaches I utilize in my work. I believe there is not a "one fits all" approach, but rather everyone is unique and in control of what suits them best. Who better knows you, than you? Let's discover, embrace, heal and create together with the tools in our toolbox. I am honored for the opportunity to work with you. Give me a call for more information!

Lisa Moore, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist

Lisa is a Kansas native who received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas before moving to New Mexico to pursue her Master's in Clinical Social Work at New Mexico Highlands University. Lisa likes to incorporate art and mindfulness techniques into her therapy modalities. Over the last 8 years, Lisa has focused on utilizing attachment and family centered methodologies to assist individuals, couples, and families cultivate healthy family systems and break maladaptive generational patterns. Lisa’s previous work experiences include working with survivors of abuse and neglect and individuals of all ages experiencing a variety of life experiences, challenges, and goals. Lisa also has expertise working with individuals who are neuro-divergent and identify as LGBTQIA+. As a therapist, Lisa aims to help her clients achieve their mental health goals by utilizing a variety of her trained techniques to examine thought and behavioral patterns with a solution-focused approach.

Monique Rivera, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist

Monique is a sex positive, LGBTQ+ affirming and inclusive therapist. 
She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship in the room and using the whole mind, body and spirit in healing. She is trained in EMDR and level 1 and 2 of Gottman. Monique believes in the power of speaking your truth in a place where you are accepted, heard and valued. Her hobbies include reading and she genuinely enjoys learning, being and forever growing as a therapist.


Mental Health Therapist

Explore your inner world using an eclectic assortment of self-expressions. I offer creative therapies for individuals and small groups using a non-traditional and person-centered approach. We'll collaborate utilizing your unique strengths to step boldly into your power, break cycles and generational patterns, and dive into self-growth. I emphasize and teach self-advocacy, empower you to use your voice, and give you a space to own your story, unapologetically. Explore therapeutic outlets such as art therapy, creative visualization, nature therapy, bibliotherapy, and more. I specialize in utilizing the creative process to help you set + meet goals that improve your holistic existence, explore your identity + honor your unique self, establish ritual + self-care practices, process barriers to change, improve your relationship with your body, and lean on the earth’s natural cycles to encourage personal expansion. I believe that you can achieve meaningful and lasting change with an open-mind and dedicated heart. I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards a deeper connection to self.

Pete J Hernandez, MBA

Co-Founder & CFO

Pete received his Bachelors in Marketing at UNM, graduating from the Anderson School of Business. He continued to pursue his business education at New Mexico Highlands graduating with his Masters in Business with a concentration in Accounting. For the past 9 years Pete has been in leadership and managerial roles. For the past 6 years Pete has been in the banking and financing industry as a branch manager. His focus is on leadership development, business development, risk management, finance, accounting, marketing, and compliance. Pete has a passion for helping others by assisting them in developing their skills and empowering them in their business and within themselves. He enjoys the challenge of overcoming obstacles through creativity and innovative thinking.

Vanessa Dennard

Practice Manager

Vanessa has 10+ years experience of working with different State Boards and Customer Service/Relations.
Throughout the years she has perfected her communication skills and ways of serving people. She enjoys the variety of working with all walks of life and empowering others.
She likes to work in an organized manner to ensure accurate record keeping and has completed HIPPA certification.
Giving excellent customer service is very important to her therefore she likes to ensure that she listens to all individuals needs equally. 

Learn more about Vanessa on our website under the “Life Coaching” section! 

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