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Enso Studio Instructors

Check out our variety of fitness classes and our amazing instructors! 

Mind. BODY. Heart. Spirit. 
Fitness is so important to our physical and mental health! 

Alia Danielle

Zumba Instructor

I am originally from Louisville KY. where I became licensed as an Esthetician, Massage Therapist and Zumba Instructor.

In 2016 before moving to Germany my passion for dance, desire for total health and wellness and infectious personality influenced me to teach ZUMBA. Since then, I have had the opportunity to travel and encourage people of all cultures and backgrounds just how exciting and beneficial it can be to move your body.

My choreographed upbeat, heart pumping rhythms will take you on a trip. Cardio that will feel more like a party and less like a workout. LA DANZA ES VIDA!  

Emily Haynie

Pilates Instructor 

Come Strengthen your body and connect mind and body with pilates! This class focuses on balance, posture, strength, and flexibility. 

Pilates helps strengthen and relax muscles that are tense and holding stress. 

Come rejuvenate and restore emotional balance! 

Team member Coming Soon!

Yoga Instructor 


Twerkout Instructor 

Twerkout is a cultural, spiritual, modern, fun, and sexy workout to not only meet your workout goals, but build confidence and have fun! It’s not about your size but embracing how you’re built!
Come workout with me, it will feel like you’re out with friends!

I come to you with safe and non judgmental space. I am a certified LTO instructor as well as a licensed Mental Health Therapist. I comes to you with the tools necessary to guide you through your healing journey.
ConfiDANCE thru movement!

Team member Coming Soon!


Team member Coming Soon!

Contemporary Dance